What better name could we choose for our company than the name of the Irish monk who really discovered America – St. Brendan, the Navigator. Legend holds that Brendan crossed the Atlantic some 900 years before Columbus. His fame rests on the fantastic story, Navigatio Santi Brendani Abatis, written in the 10th century.


Couldn’t be done? Explorer Tim Severin and his crew repeated the journey in more recent times, in a replica timber and hide sailboat, using the Navigatio as a guidebook. The full extent of St. Brendan’s voyage may never be known, but as makers of legendary travel experiences ourselves, we like to believe it is true.


We were founded on the same indomitable spirit that St. Brendan had, along with the Irish traditions of gracious hospitality and affability, and we maintain these qualities today. Our only goal is to make your travels with us the most spectacular you’ve ever had, until your next trip with Brendan.


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