Cox and Kings

We live for exceptional moments… we’ll help you live yours.


This is our promise to you. As the world’s longest-running travel company, we’ve been designing, organizing and leading exceptional journeys for 255 years now. But we’re about something more, too.


At Cox & Kings, we specialize in making dreams come true.

Insider access to the world’s most exotic places. Hands-on, experiential travel. Wildlife encounters – up close and personal. The perfect honeymoon. Group journeys with like-minded travelers. Small ship cruises in distant waters. Custom-designed, off-the-beaten path adventures. In short, we’re in the business of turning your dreams into reality.


The expertise to make it happen.

From our birthplace in India through the rest of Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas, our catalog of unforgettable journeys spans the world. We’ve got destination experts who can debate whether the best views of Iguazú Falls are on the Argentinean or Brazilian side, who can offer advice on a traditional costume for Carnevale in Venice, and who can get you to the middle of the Gobi Desert — and back again — safely, comfortably, and in a style that the explorers of old would have never dreamed possible.


Group Guidelines


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