General Group Info

Minimum Group Size:

  • Land tours typically require at least 10 passengers.
  • River Cruises: 5 cabins or 10 passengers.  River cruises are double or single occupancy only.  There are no triples or quads available.
  • Ocean cruises: 8 cabins in any configuration (single, double, triple, quad)


Tour Conductor Credits or Berths

Most company offer a free or discounted berth depending on the number of people you have in your group.  The more people that travel, the more free berths you get.  You have two choices as the group lead.

  1. Use it for yourself
  2. Share it among the entire group to lower the cost per person

You can chose one or the other, not both



Ocean Cruises often offer a set number of points that can be used towards amenities.  Once you have selected  a cruise, Travelareo will inform you of the number of points you have to use and what amenities are available.  Amenities are applied at the cabin level, not on a per person basis.



Deposits are the minimum amount due per person or per cabin to hold your spot on the trip.  With Land Tours and River Cruises, these deposits are often non refundable.  With Ocean cruises, your deposits are typically refundable until your final payment date.


Payment Plans

Travelareo is happy to create a payment plan for you after you have booked your group.  Our typical payment plan is monthly, however we can set up a custom payment schedule for you.


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