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You need to make the most of any warmth in Edinburgh, and one of the most popular ways for the locals to enjoy the sun here is spending an afternoon in The Meadows or the Bruntsfield Links. This large stretch of green spans from the university’s central area in Old Town to Bruntsfield in the South, and back up to Tollcross in the West.

There’s not a great deal to say about The Meadows. It’s remarkably flat! It’s just a large, popular open space, that people use for barbecues, afternoon drinking and sports. But I’m not knocking it – sometimes that’s all you need: a frisbee, a six-pack of beer and a few buddies. What’s more, it’s very close to the centre, which is handy!

Bruntsfield Links have a big claim to fame. Supposedly, they are home to the very first golf club in the world. Whether you believe that or not, the links can claim to be the cheapest golf club in the world – this public space has both a summer golf course and a winter course, free for all to use. The Golf Tavern will rent some clubs to you (complete with score card and map) if you don’t bring yours with you wherever you go.

Rating: 5 out of 5

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The Meadows
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